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This Picture shows us Digital DJ with Ableton Live InEarBeat Electronic Music Scholl in Thailand. This course provide you how to setup controller and mixer plus how to mash up beats.

Digital DJ English Program | Ableton Live

Course Overview :


         Ableton Live is a fantastic choice for DJs who want to take their mixing skills to the max. Within the 24-Hour Course,this Ableton Live DJ Course shows you how to integrate Ableton Live into your existing DJ set up or perform a DJ set entirely from your laptop. You'll learn how to set up controllers and mixers plus how to mash up beats and acapellas to create your own unique remixs and re-edits. 


         In Ear Beat is proud to offer our students the best equipped Ableton Live facility in the world,including Push controllers. Come and get creative.


         We offer our student the chance to play a set at our private party by the end of the course.

Instructor Digital DJ Course InEarBeat with Alec Peeples
Course Detail :


Duration :

1 month(24 hours) | 2 times per week | 3 hours a day


Price :  15,000 Baht. 


Language  : English 

What's Included : 
Introduction and setup
  • Setting up your audio card with Ableton Live 

  • The Session an Arrangement views

  • Creating your DJ template

  • Loading audio files from the browser 


Warping Audio Files 

  • Organising your tunes

  • How to use Warp Markers

  • Warp modes

  • Warping an entire track


Using Controller and Mixer

  • Akai APC 40 MK2

  • Allen&Heath: K2

  • Allen&Heath: 23C


Mash-ups and Remixing 

  • Sampling sources

  • Cleaning and editing samples

  • Warping acapellas

  • Extracting acepellas


Effects & Processing 

  • DJ's guide to EQ

  • Types of filter and their uses

  • Reverb and Delay,Distortion effects

  • Third party perfomance effects


Performing with Ableton Live 

  • Djing alongside Ableton

  • Djing with Ableton Only 

  • Performing a Live set

  • Recording your mix



Digital DJ with Ableton Live English Course in Thailand. All student learn how to be a DJs in Digital Ages
Instructor :


Alec Peeples 

Louisville,Kentucky USA.


B.A. in Music Tecnology and Jazz Studies from Bellarmine University.


"Alec has years of experiences as performer,DJ,producer, and as engineer(in both studio and live setting)


He plays numerous instruments such as saxophone,piano,percussion,low brass,and in depth knowledge of music theory." 

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