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Sound Mixing Complete Course

Course Overview : 


Mixing is a crucial stage in the production process and this module aims to develop your skills as a competent mix engineer. What are the processes, equipment, considerations, and techniques involved in creating professional sounding commercial mixes? Critical listening will be developed alongside technical and creative skills which are essential to successful mixing and production. Mixing is a key skill for producers and offers a variety of potential career paths.

Course Detail :


Duration : 12 Hours  / 2 hours per day / 2 days per week  


Price :   35,000 THB


What's Included :

  • Prepare Room and Equipment set up for Audio Mixing

  • Basic Software setup for mixing

  • Basic Sound Balancing, Gain staging and Reference Level

  • Learn How to choose Pre Mic , Tube, Tape to create tone to make color to sounds

  • Learn distortion and saturation to make tone and color sounds

  • Learn Basic of Music Frequency and Sounds Balancing with Equalizer

  • Learn how different between EQ type

  • Learn how to use Mid/Side EQ

  • Learn How to Control Dynamic and Create Tone and Colors to Sounds with Compressor and Dynamic EQ

  • Learn all about bus processing

  • Learn Parallel compression

  • Learn How to create depth and width with Delay and Reverb Effect

  • Learn all about reverb Type and Delay

  • Learn How to Vocal Editing and Vocal Mixing

  • Analog Summing

  • Learn How to Crete Mix Buss and Mastering


What You’ll Need

  • A Mac or PC computer Ram16Gb, Memory More then 300Gb

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite or Protool


Room Equipment

  • Daw: Ableton Live or Protools

  • Plugin: Waves, Softube, Slate Digital, Sonnox, Sooth2 Etc.

  • Hardware: SSL Bus Comp, SSL Six CH, SSL Ultraviolet, Neve517, SPL Big

  • Converter: Matrix Halo2882 3D


Contact us :
TEL : 081-953-2642
LINE : @tti5224n
FB : inearbeat
WhatsApp : 66819532642
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