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Electronic Music Live Performance  Course 

Course Overview :

This is a special course for Musicians, Artists, DJs, Live Bands, Band Technicians, and Sound Art Artists who want to use Electronic Music to create various Live Performances as desired, as well as wanting to increase the ability in thinking, designing and setting up a sound system or command system, in order to make your show look professional, creative and unique.

This course will teach you how to perform all forms of Electronic Music and learn how to use MIDI equipment, it includes:

•Understanding the Midi System

•Understanding Audio System

•Studying how to connect with Audio/Midi sound devices and how to route Audio/Midi System

•Learning the basics of using Ableton Live software, both the Session View and Arrangement View pages

•Editing, Arranging, preparing Data, Data Control and DJ.

Throughout this course, you will also learn various systems of Ableton Live which can help you create the show to become reality. Moreover, the course gives you the opportunity to learn about the format of live performance as you imagine, without any limitations of musical genres, whether playing solo or play in a band. It is mainly used in conjunction with Ableton Live software.
Course Detail : 
Duration of Electronic Music Live Performance Course
Total 12 Private sessions (2 hour per session) --- 67,000 THB

What's Included : 
  • Basics of using Ableton Live software Session and Arrangement View

  • Learn How to Audio Editing

  • Setup for DJ performance

  • Setup for band performance and Live Electronic Band

  • How to set up Data Player and Data Project

  • Basics of using EQ for balancing music sounds

  • Learn how to use different types of effects and Effect Rack

  • Learn how to use MIDI Instruments and Instrument Rack

  • Learn the different types of Controllers

  • Learn how to play looper performance

  • Learn to use the Controller in depth

  • Learn how to routing signal from audio Interface to mixer

  • Learn how to use Midi signal to control hardware synth or Effect.

  • Selecting Controller equipment to match the job that will be used, in order to gain maximum benefit

  • Connection basics and the selection of Audio Interface devices and use with Live Instrument devices.

  • Learn the basics of creating and planning various types of shows.

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