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ableton certified training center | InEarBeat | Thailand

Since2010, InEarBeat is an electronic music production and DJ academy based in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer a variety of courses in Computer Music, Live Performance and DJ, with modern equipment and instruments.

Music Producer Short Course _ Inearbeat.

Music Producer Full Course

Music Producer Full Course -The Music Producer Full Course is very popular among our students. You will learn the entire process of Music production, starting from beginning to end of the process. You will understand overview of music production.


Music Producer Short Course

Music Producer Short Course-This is a short-term course, learning by using Software Ableton Live11. This course includes content and the basic of making music. By yourself, you can start to create music and demo. Moreover, this course can help create your decision-making skills of how to plan music production step by step.


DJ Extensive Course

DJ Extensive Course-DJ Extensive Course will provide you the basics of digital DJ playing skills with the Traktor Pro program. You will learn all the techniques that help to enhance and elevate your DJing abilities to the next level. Our course is designed to support DJs of all skill levels and covers all genres of music. This course also suits for the beginner.

How to Use Ableton Live | Video | InEarBeat

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Welcome to Garageband Online Course

Welcome to Garageband Online Course

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