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Ableton Live Producer Certificate

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Course Overview : 

To understand the process of “Producing Music” and to work in “Music Production” including “Live Music Performance” which cover all kinds of music performance with Ableton Live and Ableton Push. Drill down in every detail of the softwares. Also, Make “Sound Design” and build the tool that meets your own music production and support your electronic music performance i.e. using “Max for Live” for Synthesizer, Midi and Audio Effect, Midi Sequencer.

Course Detail :

Duration : 144 Hours  / 3 hours per day / 2 days per week  


What's Included :

Level 1   Introduce Session View - Ableton Browser - All Warp Function, Loop, Clip Envelope - Music Theory “Key” - Arranging Song in Session view - Recording Clips to Arrange view - Introduce Arrange View Edit, Fade and Automation - Audio Effect “Auto Filter”, Simple Delay, Ping Pong Delay - Ableton Push (How to add audio clips, Mixer Mode, Loop)

Level 2  Introduce MIDI - Ableton Instrument (Impulse) - Basic Drum Pattern - Ableton Instrument (Simpler) - Ableton Instrument (Drum Rack) - Basic Bass Pattern - Music Theory “Chord, Scale and Melody” - Instrument Rack - Midi Effect (Arpeggiator, Chord, Scale, Pitch, Velocity) - Midi Effect Rack - Audio Effect (Dynamic Tube, Redux, Tuner) - Ableton Push (Drum Sequencer, Melodic Sequencer, Chord) - Converting Harmony, Melody, Drum, Slice to new MIDI Track

Level 3  Max for Live Instrument - Work with Third Party Plug-ins - Basic Audio Recording and Signal flow - Ableton Instrument (External Instrument)

- Audio Effect (Amp, Cabinet, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Beat Repeat) - Audio Effect Rack - Resampling Sound - Reference Level and Monitor Calibrate - Basic Sound Balance with Ableton Audio Effect (EQ, Reverb, Simple Delay, Compressor, Glue Compressor, Multiband Dynamics) - Max for Live Audio Effect - Sound Control in Ableton Push

Level 4  Ableton Instrument (Analog) - Analog Synthesizer Skill and Aesthetic - Ableton Instrument (Operator) - FM Synthesizer Skill and Aesthetic - Audio Effect Saturator, Overdrive

Level 5  Ableton Instrument (Sampler) - Ableton Instrument (Collision) - Audio Effect (Corpus) - Ableton Instrument (Tension) - Ableton Instrument (Electric) - Granular Synthesis with Granulator Max for Live via ambient techno style - Various interesting Max for Live Synthesizers and filters - Additive Synthesizer - Synthcore - Synthetic Drum - Comb filtering - LFO ENV - Combination Freestyle Synthesis within Instrument Rack, Synthesizers, Audio Effects and MIDI Effects - Synthesis without Synthesizer (Warping, Distortion, Filter, Delays) - Synthesis of Real-World Sound with Ableton Synthesizer


Level 6 Basic DJ with Ableton Live - Audio Effect Looper - Audio Effect Vocoder - Live Performance Concept - Advance Instrument Rack ,Audio Effect Rack ,Midi Effect Rack (Chain Selector) - Ableton Link - Performance with Ableton Push - Wiimote LFO Envelope Map8 Blackbox - Using Joysticks and Webcam as Controllers (Wiimote, Xbox, Kinect) - Beat, Pitch, and Attack detection (Max for Live) - Launchpad and Push Hacking

What You’ll Need

-A Mac or PC computer with a web browser and broadband Internet access

-Ableton Live 10 Suite

Price includes MAC and other equipment use in classroom. Free unlimited practice hours during off class, please book in advance.)  

​​This is NOT a certificate issued by the manufacturers of this software but rather InEarBeat’s certificate acknowledging the successful completion of our personal enrichment program.



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DJing with Traktor

Set your own schedule

DJing with Traktor  : Introduction to DJing 

Survey a brief history of DJing, become comfortable with the basic features of Traktor, and perform your first 3 songs DJ set.


What  you'll learn : 

Basic overview of turntable,CDJ,Mixer and headphones
How to count beat
Dropping on the one
Cue points
Traditional beatmatching with the pitch fader and nudge features
How to import track and build your music collection in the Traktor library
How to use the Phase Meter and sync features

DJing with Traktor : Phrase Mixing

Enhance your understanding of song structure to craft seamless mixes that are not just in sync but in phrase. Develop sophisticated mixing techniques to take your transitions to the next level.


What you'll learn : 

How to count bars
Common song structure in various genres
Phrase mixing and conversation between two songs
Beat jumping
Looping and layering
Introduction to EQing
Principles of harmonic mixing
Alternative mixing techniques such as the " drop cut "

DJing with Traktor  : Beyond The Beatmatch

Introduce the " wow factor " to your sets by building routines and incorporating performance tools such as MIDI controllers,advanced FX,sampling. and more.


What you'll learn :

Introduction to filters
An in-depth understanding of Traktor's vast effects passibilities
Organizing music and building sets
Keyboard/MIDI mapping and basic controllerism
DJing with 4 decks simultaneously
How to record a mix


Course Detail :

Duration : 16 Hours  / 2 hours per day 



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Consult Service

Set your own schedule 

Is there anything you would like to know more about electronic music, software, hardware, music gear and equipment.  Please feel free to contact us!



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