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MAX49 places revolutionary control at your fingertips with the ability to command anything, from vintage analog synths via its CV/Gate outputs to modern MIDI, USB MIDI devices, and virtual instruments. With an intuitive layout and included Pro Tools Express, Ableton Live Lite, AkaiConnect, and Ignite software, MAX49 offers instant, powerful creative capabilities. From its 49 semi-weighted keys and 8 real MPC pads, to its groundbreaking LED touch faders and built-in 32-note step sequencer, MAX25 combines cutting-edge Akai Pro technology with classic capability to give you an unprecedented music-making experience.

Akai MAX49

  • Product Features - 49 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch for complete musical expression - Includes Ignite™ music creation software with over 275 instrument sounds from AIR Music Technology - Ableton Live Lite Akai Pro Edition software included - Built-in step sequencer for detailed track construction - Expanded arpeggiator with latch and time division controls - Included AkaiConnect software automatically maps to VST plugins - 12 backlit real MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat and MPC swing - 8 backlit LED touch faders for gradual or instant parameter value changes - 4 pad banks and 4 fader banks provide a total of 80 assignable pads and faders - CV and Gate outputs for use with vintage analog synths (1V/Oct) - Large centrally-positioned transport controls plus rubberized pitch and modulation wheels - Mackie Control and HUI modes provide instant compatibility with many DAWs
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