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DJ Extensive Course | InEarBeat

DJ Extensive Course 

Course Overview : 


Learn the art of playing perfect DJs including Beat-matching and Mixing, including unlocking the secrets of using effects, whether you are a beginner, interested in being a DJ or Will be an experienced professional DJ This course will complement and enhance your DJ's ability to the next level. Our courses are designed to support DJs in all skills. And covers all music styles You will learn the basics of digital DJ skills with the Traktor Pro program and techniques in Sound Effect. 

DJ Extensive Course Serato DJ | InEarBeat
DJ Extensive Course Traktor | InEarBeat
 What's Included:


  • Music rhythm count Understand the basic elements of music and music rooms.

  • Learn the basics of playing Beat Matching

  • Learn the basics of playing Mixing

  • Learn the basics, keys, chords, and basic note scales.

  • Learn to play Harmonic Mixing

  • Learn how to use the mixer device, including Level, EQ, Filter.

  • Learn to play Effect Sound.

  • Learn to create and play music with Cue Point devices.

  • Learn to create music sets

  • Learn to attach the DJ equipment.

  • Learn how to use the application "Traktor DJ" and "Traktor Pro" software.

Course Detail :


Duration : 8 Hours  / 2 hours per day / 1 days per week  


Price :   10,000 THB (Price includes MAC and other equipment use in classroom.

Note :


  • All learners must have their own computer. Because the lessons learned in the room must be brought back to do homework every time

  • Can use both MAC and PC Do not use NETBOOK or low-level devices for study. Because the software cannot be used to study.(* Recommended specification for an 8GB or HD Ram as an SSD) 

  • Can open the course in case there are more than 2 students

Contact us :
TEL : 081-953-2642
LINE : @tti5224n
FB : inearbeat
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