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Electronic Music Live Performance  Course 

Course Overview :


Courses for musicians Who want to use electronic music in the band In the course, you will be taught how to perform all forms of electronic and learn how to use MIDI controllers to study the connection with various audio devices.

Insights into the use of existing electronic music devices And pull out the maximum efficiency of the device In the course, students are given the opportunity to learn the style of live performance as the students imagine independently and without limiting the music. Whether playing solo Or play in a band Which is mainly used in conjunction with Ableton Live10 software

Throughout this course, you will also learn various systems of Ableton Live which can help you create the show to become reality. Moreover, the course gives you the opportunity to learn about the format of live performance as you imagine, without any limitations of musical genres, whether playing solo or play in a band. It is mainly used in conjunction with Ableton Live software.
Course Detail : 

Duration: 36 hours, 2 times per week / 3 hours per session (use the practice room and equipment throughout the course Without additional costs)


Price: 15,000 baht (all inclusive price)

What's Included : 
  • Basics of using Ableton Live software

  • Set up for perfect form, DJ format

  • Set up for perfecting the band style

  • Fundamentals of using EQ for organizing music soundtracks

  • Learn how to use different effects and effect racks.

  • Learn how to use MIDI Instrument and Instrument Rack

  • Learn the different types of controllers.

  • Learn to use in-depth controller

  • Choosing to use the controller device to match the work to be used For maximum benefit

  • Basic connection And the selection of the use of audio interfaces and integration with Live Instrument devices

  • Learn the basics of creating various shows And show planning

Contact us :
TEL : 081-953-2642
LINE : @tti5224n
FB : inearbeat
 : 66819532642
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