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Music Producer Full Course

Course Overview : 


Learn the basics of making music on a computer. And the process of making Music Production every detail Through Ableton Live 10 software, allowing students to understand the basic elements of making music, including making Wave Edit, Remix and Mash Up, as well as using MIDI and all music theory. Without limiting any genre In order to be able to be used in the production of various audio media

Learn the basic structure of the chord notes as well as the music structure. And placing all music lines In order to fit all the music genres that students need Including choosing sound or mixing sounds to suit the music genre


In this course, students will learn about recording audio with Live music equipment, including recording vocals, guitar, bass and others, as well as the basis for sound balance and mixing and mastering In addition, understanding various systems Of all types of electronic music making equipment


The Music Producer Full Course is a course that Inia Beat has developed and improved to be in line with the latest electronic music technology available today. The content of the course covers the latest version of Ableton Live software. The instructor team has more than 10 years of teaching experience in Ableton Live.

Starting from fundamental of music theory, song structure and song arrangement, The music theory basics you should learn first to build a strong foundation, no matter what instrument or genre you play. Together with Basic function of digital audio workstation (DAW) that use for making music and cover for music recording with live instrument such as vocal, guitar and synthesizer. Learn Arts of music balancing, mixing and mastering process to final your track

InEarBeat instructors who gained more than 13 years of experience in teaching music production with Ableton Live, are also an Ableton Certified Trainer. With their knowledge of production techniques, can help to contribute your communication and music production skills to ensure a smooth production from start to finish. As these two skills, become essential figures in today's music industry.  

Course Detail :


Course time: 12 sessions, 2 times per week / 3 hours per session (use the practice room and equipment throughout the course Without additional costs)


Price: 33,500 baht (All inclusive price)

What's Included :


  1. Learn the basic structure of music. And various elements in the song

  2. Learn the basics of audio systems and equipment for making music.

  3. Learn to use in depth in the Session View page.

  4. Learn Warp Mode that is suitable for different types of sounds.

  5. Learn the basics of keys

  6. Learn to create a loop

  7. Learn how to edit audio and create music with Audio File or audio.

  8. Learn to do Automation

  9. Learn music compilation techniques

  10. Learn to use in depth on the Arrange View page.

  11. Learn Audio Effect such as Auto Filter

  12. Learn the basics of MIDI systems and the use of MIDI systems.

  13. Fresh drum writing techniques And synthetic drums, including putting the Groove to the drum

  14. Learn to use the Ableton Instrument "Drum Rack"

  15. Learn to use the Ableton Instrument "Simpler"

  16. Learn to choose the drum set. And mixing drum sounds

  17. Learn how to create Bass Line and sound mixing techniques.

  18. Knowing how to create chords and making melody

  19. Learn to use the Ableton Midi Effect

  20. Sound selection to match the genre

  21. Learn how to prepare a room for audio recording and audio mixing.

  22. Learn how to edit the acoustic of the room and equipment.

  23. Learn to setup devices From speaker setting to Calibrate Monitor

  24. Equipment preparation And the process of setting up before recording

  25. Vocals recording techniques And other equipment such as Guitar, Bass, Synth

  26. Learn to work with Hardware Synth

  27. Learn to manage vocals, including EDIT and tuning vocals.

  28. Learn to balance the sound from the Level setting to the Pan.

  29. Learn to balance musical instruments with sound frequencies.

  30. Using EQ for designing, repairing sound and balance sounds

  31. Learn to control dynamic sound with Compresser.

  32. Send / Return Effect and Effect Reverb, Delay

  33. Basics of how to make Mastering music to match the platform that we will release music.

Note :
  • The school has a set of computers and electronic music equipment for each student.

  • Students can bring personal computers or other electronic music devices. Can be used to study

  • Students do not need to have a background in music.

  • Less than 4 students in a group. There are separate equipment to be set. Can open the course in case there are more than 2 students 

  • Must register and pay in advance at least 7 days before the course starts.


Contact us :
TEL : 081-953-2642
LINE : @tti5224n
FB : inearbeat
 : 66819532642
What You’ll Need​
  • A Mac or PC computer Ram16Gb, Memory More then 300Gb

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite


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