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Music Producer Short Course

Course Overview : 


Learn the Starter Process of Music Production : How To Actually Create Music with Ableton Live latest version.  

Starting from fundamental of music theory, song structure and song arrangement, The music theory basics you should learn first to build a strong foundation, no matter what instrument or genre you play. Together with Basic function of digital audio workstation (DAW) that use for making your track


InEarBeat instructors who gained more than 13 years of experience in teaching music production with Ableton Live, are also an Ableton Certified Trainer. With their knowledge of production techniques, can help to contribute your communication and music production skills to ensure a smooth production from start to finish. As these two skills, become essential figures in today's music industry.

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Course Detail :


Duration : 12 Hours  / 2 hours per day / 2 days per week  


Price :   47,000 THB (Price includes MAC and other equipment use in classroom. Free unlimited practice hours during off class, please book in advance.)

What's Included :


  1. Music Fundamental & Music Arrangement

  2. Basic Arrangement View, Clips Editing

  3. Clips Envelope & Automation

  4. Midi Effect (Chord, Pitch, Scale, Arpeggiator, Velocity)

  5. Create Drum Pattern

  6. Create Bass Pattern (Synth Bass & Electric Bass)

  7. Music Theory for Create Chord & Melody

  8. Audio Effect ( Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Delay, Reverb)

  9. Gain Stage, Level Balance and Pan

  10. Create Depth and Width

  11. Mix Bus Technic   

Note :
  • In The Class room We provide all computer and all music equipment for music making

  • Student can bring laptop and instrument in to the class room   

  • Student don't need to have any music experience

  • Please Apply the course and make a payment before class date at least 7 day


Contact us :
TEL : 081-953-2642
LINE : @tti5224n
FB : inearbeat
 : 66819532642t
What You’ll Need​
  • A Mac or PC computer Ram16Gb, Memory More then 300Gb

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite


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