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Akai Professional APC40 mkII - Ableton Live Performance Controller. 

The APC40 mkII from Akai Professional is hardware controller designed to work with Ableton Live software in a one-to-one integration, and makes significant improvements over the previous version.A few of those include an RGB clip-launching grid, reinforced fader design, revised knob lay out, and more. The controller comes pre-mapped to Live for an instant performance and production setup.

Akai APC 40 MKII

  • - Provides hands-on control of Ableton Live - Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live (v9.1.3+) - 5x8 clip-launch matrix with RGB feedback for clip status and color coding - 9 channel faders, 8 control knobs, and 8 device controls interface with Ableton Live - USB-powered and plug-and-play connectivity for Mac and PC - Sends button for quick access to 8 send buses - Assignable A/B crossfader for dynamic mixing on the fly - Shift button and directional arrows manipulate the scope of the grid - Revised knob layout with in-line controls for streamlined workflow - Production package included: Ableton Live Lite with Puremagnetik Effect Racks, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Twist, Prime Loops sample packs, and Toolroom Records artist launch packs (downloads)
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