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Bass Station II Analog Synth: a Brand New Version of the Classic Bass Station
Bass Station II is an analog mono-synth based on the classic original Bass Station, but re-worked for the 21st century. It has two filters, two oscillators, a third sub-oscillator, patch save, and a fully analog effects section. Add a step sequencer, arpeggiator, full-sized keys, and a powerful modulation section and you have the makings of a synth that is built for bass, but capable of so much more.

Bass Station II

  • Product Features - This analog synth is a brand new version of the classic Novation Bass Station with a brand new "acid" filter joining the "classic" original Bass Station filter - Ships with 64 factory patches and a further 64 user slots - Pattern-based step sequencer and arpeggiator and two oscillators plus an additional sub oscillator - Analog synth layout includes dedicated controls for all major parameters - Includes fully analog distortion and filter-modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive to add an aggressive, crunchy sound-quality
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