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Product Overview

The DJ Controller CMD Micro from Behringer is a MIDI based DJ controller designed to provide hands-on control for your DJ software. It features 45mm faders on its two channels, as well as its pitchfaders and crossfader. It has two touch sensitive platters that allow you to scratch and pitch bend your tracks. Class compliant MIDI protocol allows the CMD Micro to work with Mac or PC computers without the need to install drivers. The unit also can be used with iOS devices and apps and connects to your iPad with the optional Camera Connection Kit. The CMD Micro is USB bus-powered and can be used to control MIDI compatible DJ software.

CMD Micro

  • Product Features Controls include dual pitch faders, dual channel faders, one crossfader, dual touch sensitive platters, pitch bend buttons, and cue buttons for access to multiple cue points Compatible with Native Instruments Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live, and any other MIDI compatible programs
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