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The Guitar Wing MIDI Control Surface for Guitar from Livid Instruments is a Bluetooth wireless MIDI controller designed to attach directly to any guitar. It is capable of providing a variety of programmable control over software plug-ins, DAWs, and MIDI effect units. The Guitar Wing has multiple controls, including 5 pressure and velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch, 3 touch faders with LED indicators, 6 button switches, 4 select switches, and a built-in accelerometer that allows you to transmit MIDI data by moving your guitar.

Guitar Wing

฿9,900.00 Regular Price
฿8,990.00Sale Price
  • The included Bluetooth USB receiver allows the Guitar Wing to communicate with a variety of sources. All of its MIDI settings can be programmed via the downloadable Wing Editor app, while the included WingFX software, which can be run on Mac or PC as a standalone or VST/AU plug-in, provides a variety of effects to integrate into your guitar playing.
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