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The AudioBox iOne from PreSonus is a USB 2.0 recording interface for Windows, Mac and iPad that is designed for recording guitars, basses, keyboards and more for band rehearsals, vocal demos, podcasts and other applications. It features a high-performance Class A preamplifier with phantom power, and records audio at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz sampling resolution. 

Ideal for vocalists and electric guitarists that are on-the-go, the AudioBox iOne features one microphone input and one instrument input for connecting dynamic or condenser microphones as well as guitars and basses. The unit also features a stereo headphone output with dedicated level control, ultra-low-latency monitoring, and balanced main outputs for connecting studio monitors.

Presonus AudioBox iOne

  • Product Features Includes Studio One Artist DAW software and 6+ GB of third-party sample content Download Capture Duo for iPad for free for one-tap iPad recording with wireless transfer to Studio One Compatible with almost all recording software for Mac, Windows, and iPad Free Nimbit account to distribute and sell your music Ultra-low-latency monitoring via internal analog mixer (direct mix button) USB-A input for connecting iPad, USB-B input for connecting to Mac or PC
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